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Slayers RPG advertisement

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Two years after Darkstar, tension has increased between the now unsealed subcontinent and the rest of the world, and war will soon rage between the forces of technology and magic. Most creatures are in hiding, the dragons are annoyed, and the mazoku have stayed quiet for awhile. Saillune has tried as many times to convince the rest of the empires and kingdoms to make way for peace, but all has proven futile. Mazoku aren't the cause for this new issue; it's humans themselves, and now they're forced to live in a world on fire.

World on Fire is a Slayers RPG, found on GreatestJournal and roleplayed over mIRC and AIM and logged on GJ. See if your favorite character is taken or make your own, check out the rules and FAQ, and if you're up to it, send us an application.

Cross-posted, sorry. ♥
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